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ZedScan Features

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Handset docking station connector

Connects the handset to the docking station for charging and transfer of data

Permits remote and cable free operation allowing the clinician to manipulate and position the handset as necessary to examine the cervix



Registers when an EIS sensor is attached

Will detect if the sensor becomes loose or detached during use prompting a warning alert 


USB cable with isolation unit

Connects the system to the PC for charging and transfer of data

Easy to install and operate. Isolation unit prevents user and patient from any hazards associated with connecting to a non ISO 60601 certified PC


Docking station four pin connector

Receives the handset  for charging and facilitates data transfer. Handset should be stored docked when not in use 

Permits remote and cable free operation of the handset


Single Use EIS Sensor

Provided in individual foil packs and discarded after use

Prevents cross contamination between patients


Fixed Gold Electrodes

Highly conductive. Impedance measurements can be taken when fitted with a Single Use Sensor and placed in contact with the cervix

Supports the non-optical assessment of the cervix allowing areas of non-acetowhite disease to be detected


Green/Orange Snout LEDs

Visual indicator (works in combination with audible alert)

Enables the user to track the status of each measurement point on the cervix as it occurs.

Graphical Interface Displays instructions and results on the screen and guides the user through the workflow Provides immediate feedback for ease of use. Result are presented in real time and colposcopist can immediately assess how to manage the patient
9 Keypad For movement between screens and selection of menu options Simple and intuitive to use