Key Features

1. Handset Docking Connector

  • Connects the handset to the docking station for charging and transfer of data.
  • Permits remote and cable free operation allowing the clinician to manipulate and position the handset as necessary to examine the cervix.

2. Microswitch

  • Registers when an EIS sensor is attached.
  • Will detect if the sensor becomes loose or detached during use prompting a warning alert.

3. USB cable with isolation unit

  • Connects the system to the PC for charging and transfer of data.
  • Easy to install and operate. Isolation unit prevents user and patient from any hazards associated with connecting to a non ISO 60601 certified PC.

4. Docking station four pin connector

  • Receives the handset  for charging and facilitates data transfer. Handset should be stored docked when not in use.
  • Permits remote and cable free operation of the handset.

5. Single Use EIS Sensor

  • Provided in individual foil packs and discarded after use.
  • Prevents cross contamination between patients.

6. Fixed Gold Electrodes

  • Highly conductive. Impedance measurements can be taken when fitted with a Single Use Sensor and placed in contact with the cervix.
  • Supports the non-optical assessment of the cervix allowing areas of non-acetowhite disease to be detected.

7. Green/Orange Snout LEDs

  • Visual indicator (works in combination with audible alert).
  • Enables the user to track the status of each measurement point on the cervix as it occurs.

8. Graphical Interface

  • Displays instructions and results on the screen and guides the user through the workflow.
  • Provides immediate feedback for ease of use. Result are presented in real time and colposcopist can immediately assess how to manage the patient.

9. Keypad

  • For movement between screens and selection of menu options.
  • Simple and intuitive to use.