Clinical Benefits of Using ZedScan

When used alongside colposcopy ZedScan has demonstrated greater accuracy in detecting cervical disease.

Increased sensitivity

  • More patients with cervical disease are detected
  • Patients who test negative for disease can confidently be released back to routine cervical screening

Increased specificity

  • Better differentiation between high grade and low grade cervical abnormalities
  • Potential to move to See & Treat for CIN2/3 diagnosis
  • ​Confidence to treat patients identified with high grade neoplasia (HG CIN)
  • Reduce the risk of over-treatment due to higher positive predictive value (PPV) than colposcopy alone
  • Reduce patient anxiety by offering  treatment immediately

​Pin-point the location of pre-cancerous lesions

  • Identify the most suitable position on the cervix to take a biopsy
  • Minimise the number of biopsies taken to one per patient
  • Limit patient discomfort and co- morbidity

zedscan clinical benefits graphic