What is ZedScan?

ZedScan and docking stationZedScan is a diagnostic system that is used alongside colposcopy to provide an objective assessment of the cervical epithelial tissue in real time. The multi-component system consists of:

  • Portable handset
  • Docking station
  • Single use EIS sensor
  • Software application 

ZedScan provides:

  • Seamless integration into colposcopic practice
  • Non-optical diagnosis
  • Rapid, real-time results
  • Improved accuracy
  • Better patient management
  • Simple, easy to use system

Z1 e2 d3 Scan4

1. Z  is the scientific symbol for impedance and also stands for Zilico

2. e represents EIS the core technology in the device

3. d stands for device

4. Scan - the device is used to scan the cervix to identify potential areas of disease