Product Pipeline

Cervical Cancer Diagnostics

ZedScan's sister product is under development and is positioned within the cervical screening pathway. This product will provide a real-time diagnosis at the primary point-of-care thus reducing the significant traffic in the healthcare system between primary care, cytology laboratories and colposcopy clinics - and resulting in a more effective application of limited healthcare resources.

Utilising the same EIS technology as ZedScan, it will discriminate the underlying tissue in the same way and will be subjected to a screening trial which will help establish whether it will be used as a co-test with either cytology or HPV molecular tests or as a triage.

In countries where the testing infra-structure, such as cytology laboratories, sample logistics and administrative support, is not in place, women have very restricted access to cervical cancer screening. Zilico's EIS products will provide an opportunity to screen women and manage patients at the point-of-care as opposed to transporting women to urban centres for tests that can often take several days.

Oral Cancer

Zilico, in collaboration with the University of Sheffield's School of Clinical Dentistry, has completed a proof-of-concept clinical study utilising EIS to discriminate between different oral tissues, including neoplasia.

Other Clinical Areas

The EIS technology is applicable to a wide range of other types of cancer where there are significant changes in the cells and structure of the target tissue.  Zilico has studies planned in the areas of anal, oesophageal and bowel cancer.