Zilico supports the Pan London Colposcopy Scientific Meeting

Wednesday 29th November 2017

The Zilico team was delighted to be in London on Friday 24th November to support the Pan London Colposcopy Scientific Meeting, which took place at the Queen Mary University of London.  

The event was a great platform to introduce ZedScan™ - a portable, handheld device, which uses Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) technology to detect dysplasia and cancer of the cervix - to the attending colposcopists.

Chaired by Consultant Gynaecologist Ms Theresa Freeman-Wang, the session started with oral poster presentations with topics including the introduction of HPV vaccination for UK boys. Posters were also presented by Dr Jonathan Crook of King’s College Hospital NHS Trust and Ms Deirdre Lyons of St Mary’s, Paddington Hospital.

The event’s first session, following the opening address, explored cervical cytology in the symptomatic patient and highlighted research on the probability rates of women with symptoms having invasive cancers. Discussions focused around the creation of a primary referral matrix for GPs for a more targeted approach to referrals to colposcopy for symptomatic women.  Ms Theresa Freeman-Wang Consultant Gynaecologist at The Freeman Hospital, said “We should look to technologies such as ZedScan and Mobile ODT as a future paradigm for screening.”

Charity, Jo 's Cervical Cancer Trust - the only UK charity dedicated to women affected by cervical cancer and cervical abnormalities - presented on ‘Patient communication and education in the post-vaccination age’.

Darren Neill, Sales Director at Zilico Ltd, said: “ZedScan is now used in many hospitals across the globe as an adjunct to the current diagnostic process to offer a more accurate diagnosis in real time and assist clinicians with improved patient management. The event was a great opportunity to demonstrate ZedScan’s capabilities and the feedback we received from the clinicians was extremely positive.”

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