Zilico supports Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month

Tuesday 12th September 2017

September is Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month and throughout the month, Zilico is helping to raise awareness of the five gynaecological cancers - womb, ovarian, cervical, vaginal and vulval.

In the UK alone each year, there are over 21,000 women who are given the news that they have a form of gynae cancer. This equates to 58 women being diagnosed daily. Of those diagnosed, sadly 21 women will lose their battle every day.

UK charity, The Eve Appeal is determined to change this and part of their mission is to ensure that both women and men are aware of what to look out for. The Eve Appeal report that there is a lack of basic knowledge about the female body, as well as conversations around how the female anatomy works.

Gynae Month aims to help educate women about their body and let them know what to look out for in terms of unexpected changes in their vagina or vulva, as well as being aware of the signs and symptoms of a gynaecological cancer. Recognising symptoms early means better treatment.

Zilico develops cancer diagnostics and its flagship product ZedScan is used as a diagnostic for cervical disease. To find out more please click here.

To help people become more body aware, The Eve Appeal has released the below video, which explains all you need to know about gynae cancers this September and beyond!

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