Zilico Scientific Advisory Board Meeting 2019

Thursday 19th September 2019

Zilico’s scientific advisory board (SAB) met last week in Manchester to discuss the science and technology behind ZedScan, our flagship product within the cervical cancer screening pathway and the exciting pipeline utilising our platform technology, Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS).

This, our second meeting built on the discussions from the previous event, where Dr John Fenner, Senior Lecturer in Medical Physics at The University of Sheffield, commented that he was “impressed by the rigour of the science” applied to ZedScan.

The SAB meeting brought together academics and clinicians leading in their respective fields.  Invited to the meeting was Mr M Asif Chaudry, Consultant Robotic Oesophageal & Gastric Cancer Surgeon from The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust to talk about how EIS can help with minimally invasive and digital surgical diagnostics as well as theranostic applications.

A presentation from Zi-Qiang Lang, Professor of Complex Systems Analysis and Design, provided an update of the developments within AI and more specifically machine learning. Whilst there is plenty of excitement around AI, there are some significant challenges especially around the rigour of any test data that is used.

Zilico is building on its core EIS technology and applying it to other applications. Our oral cancer diagnostic development is building from our initial POC study as is the work around tissue margin identification, an area where clinicians are looking for better resolution and is a key differentiator for robotic and machine assisted technologies.

We look forward to sharing more SAB news with our followers soon as well as updates from our medical advisory board (MAB) meeting held this week at the Royal Society of Medicine, London.

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