Zilico Ltd COVID-19 Business Impact Statement

Monday 23rd March 2020

A message to reassure you of our continued service and support

At the moment, we are living in very uncertain and unprecedented times with the presence of COVID-19 and the impact this is having on businesses, families and everyday life. At Zilico, we are taking all necessary steps and following government advice when it comes to preventing the spread of Coronavirus and are doing everything within in our power to protect our staff, our customers and our communities from the challenges caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

We have implemented controls at our various sites including production and office services in full compliance with government guidelines to ensure continuity of supply to our customers.

We are fortunate in holding sufficient stocks of ZedScan devices and single-use EIS sensors at our sites and will be able to continue to supply our customers to ensure continuity of services to patients attending colposcopy appointments.

The additional advantage we have is that we can operate from remote locations resulting in the ability to support our users by telephone, email and video conferencing as well as face to face where current and future restrictions allow. This provides us with resilience of business continuity at times like this.

All of our operational functions are unaffected and we assure you that customers will be given priority access to our support services, including device use and in clinic support, troubleshooting, complaint reporting, software support and any administrative requirements.

These are undoubtedly challenging times for the nation and we are committed to doing our very best to support our customers and colleagues through these difficult times.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or feel we can be of any assistance by calling the redirected office number +44 (0) 161 826 7840 or emailing info@zilico.co.uk

Best Regards,

All at Zilico