Zilico at Advamed 2012

Saturday 29th September 2012

Innovative cancer diagnostic tool to be presented at AdvaMed 2012

Zilico Ltd will present its pioneering cervical cancer diagnostics tool at AdvaMed 2012 - one of the world’s premier MedTech conferences.

The British company’s innovative system, which is due to be launched in 2013, offers quicker more accurate detection of cervical dysplasia in real time, removing several weeks of waiting time for diagnosis.

Zilico’s Chief Executive, Mr Sameer Kothari, will present the system on day two of the three-day conference, which will be held at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center from 1-3 October.

ZedScan I, the first application of the device, is positioned within the referral population, will reduce the number of biopsies taken and has the potential to facilitate the wider use of ‘see & treat’ modality.

The system consists of a portable hand-held device, a single-use disposable sleeve and docking station and is safe and painless.

Using electrical impedance spectroscopy technology, it can measure the resistivity of cells and so detect changes as cells progress from normal to precancerous and then to cancerous.

The referral application completed a pivotal European trial of 400 women in 2011 across three hospitals in the UK and Ireland. The company has since been disseminating these results at key scientific meetings across the world, and was recently awarded the “Best Scientific Presentation” at the ASCCP 2012.

With 800 attending companies and more than 2,000 delegates over the course of the conference, Mr Kothari is hoping to discuss potential commercial partnership and investment opportunities with interested parties.

Mr Kothari said: “The diagnostic tool, including the recent pivotal trial data, has the potential to make a significant impact on how women are managed within the cervical cancer pathway. This makes the Zilico proposition very attractive to outside investors and those interested in potential partnerships and we look forward to meeting interested parties at AdvaMed 2012.”

Zilico Limited can be found at the UK Pavillion (booth numbers 519,521,523, 525)