ZedScan use within a persistent hrHPV-pos, cytology-neg cohort

Monday 13th April 2020

New Study Data Published in BJOG
ZedScan performance within a persistent hrHPV-positive, cytology-negative cohort

In a prospective cohort study of 3107 persistent hrHPV-positive, cytology-negative women where 1168 were examined with ZedScan, it was found that HPV genotype, age and prevalence of CIN2+ affect colposcopic performance. The use of ZedScan within this cohort significantly improved detection of high-grade cervical disease.

Further conclusions:

  • Low prevalence of CIN2+ in HPV‐positive, negative cytology samples.

  • The positive predictive value for colposcopic impression of CIN2+ was affected by hrHPV genotype (57.3% for HPV16 versus 32.1% for nonHPV16, P = 0.0128)

  • The PPV for a ZedScan-directed biopsy was significantly higher (21.7% versus 13.7%, P < 0.001) when compared with a colposcopy-directed biopsy when the colposcopic impression was less than CIN2. (There was no increase on the number of women biopsied or the number of biopsies taken in the ZedScan group when compared to the non ZedScan group)

  • The adjunctive use of electrical impedance spectroscopy detected an extra 42 (78% increase) cases of CIN2+, which was irrespective of hrHPV genotype (P <0.005)

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This paper was presented at BSCCP 2021 as an abstract poster. Watch Prof Tidy present the poster here