ZedScan to be presented at premier Israeli training course

Thursday 3rd September 2015

ZedScan will be presented to Israel’s foremost clinicians in the field of colposcopy at the 8th Basic & Advanced Biennial Colposcopy Course in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The course, delivered by leading gynaecologist Professor Jacob Bornstein, is the primary training course for gynaecologists wanting to include colposcopy as a service at their hospital or clinic. The course is accredited by the European Federation of Colposcopy (EFC) as well as by the Israeli Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology, Bar-Ilan University Galilee Faculty of Medicine and the Galilee Medical Center.

ZedScan will be presented on the second day of the conference (11-12 September), which will be held at the Shefayim Hotel, as part of the ‘Technical Developments and Colposcopy’ discussion.

ZedScan improves the accuracy of colposcopy, enabling clinicians to confidently identify and manage women with cervical abnormalities at first visit.

The ability to pin-point the location of pre-cancerous lesions in real time also leads to a reduction in the number of biopsies required lessening any associated discomfort experienced by patients.

As well as being discussed by Israel’s leading gynaecologists and colposcopists, ZedScan will also be exhibited at live workstations by ZedScan’s Israeli distributor, DYN Medical Equipment Ltd.

The workstations will give attendees the opportunity to experience how to conduct a ZedScan examination.

Ayelet Dagan, product manager for gynaecology at DYN Medical Equipment Ltd, will be demonstrating the examination process.

Ayelet Dagan said: “Professor Bornstein’s training course brings together the leading clinicians in the field of colposcopy from across Israel and we’re very excited to discuss ZedScan with them.

“ZedScan has the potential to make a significant impact on how women are managed within the cervical cancer pathway and we’re looking forward to demonstrating this to the delegates.”

ZedScan had its registration approved with AMAR, the Israeli Ministry of Health’s medical device regulation unit, in 2014.

                                                          Prof. Jacob Bornstein of Galilee Medical Centre and Bar-Ilan University, Israel



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