ZedScan offers patients additional reassurance - patient, Faye explains more

Monday 17th July 2017

Like many patients, Faye didn’t know anything about colposcopy before her appointment. When the letter came through she was understandably nervous.

Speaking afterwards, Faye said she was ‘reassured that ZedScan was used by the clinician alongside the standard colposcopy examination’.

ZedScan is a portable, handheld device that can measure and detect tissue changes in women identified with an abnormal smear test.

The system offers real-time and more accurate detection of pre-cancerous cells than standard colposcopy, enabling clinicians to make better informed decisions at a patient’s first visit.

This means that appropriate treatment can be offered immediately to women identified with severe abnormalities, or reassurance swiftly provided to patients with no evidence of disease, and also helping direct biopsies where required.

Here’s Faye’s story.

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