World Bank sponsored cervical cancer study starts in India

Tuesday 4th April 2017

Patients across Mumbai in India are being recruited to take part in a study, which aims to increase early detection of cervical cancer and quickly enable treatment.

Funded by the IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, the study uses UK developed technology, ZedScan™, to detect the development of pre-cancerous abnormalities of the cervix.

Developed by Zilico Ltd, ZedScan is a portable, handheld device that uses the science of Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) to accurately diagnose changes in a woman’s cervix.

The system is already being used in hospitals across the UK and other countries and provides a more accurate diagnosis in real-time, which assists clinicians with better patient management.

Using ZedScan as an adjunct to the existing colposcopy procedure helps clinicians to better manage patients and help to avoid unnecessary biopsies, treatments and repeat follow-up appointments.

Cervical cancer is caused by the human papillomavirus infection. It is the leading cancer in Indian women and is the second most common cancer in women worldwide.

It is estimated there are approximately 132,000 new cases diagnosed and 74,000 deaths annually in India, which accounts for nearly a third of the global cervical cancer deaths.

Sameer Kothari, Chief Executive of Zilico Ltd, said: “Although colposcopy is an important method in detecting cervical cancer, in practice, the procedure has not drastically changed over the last 90 years, and diagnosis depends on the subjective assessment of visual indicators by the clinician.

“Cervical cancer in India is a significant issue, so anything we can do to improve the diagnosis and help clinicians better manage it, will help.”

Clinical Study

The patient study in India will be carried out by International Oncology, a global cancer care and research company whose aim is to bring world class care to India through expertise, research and collaboration.

The study is taking place at the Dr L R Hiranandani Hospital in Mumbai.  The service evaluation of ZedScan will help establish the best pathway for India.  This will incorporate the benefits that from utilising ZedScan, that have already been seen in the NHS hospitals in the UK

300 patients are being recruited for the evaluation, which forms part of the TechEmerge programme. The unique scheme aims to match proven technologies like ZedScan, with leading healthcare providers in emerging markets.

UK Clinical data

In a recent review of over 1500 women referred to an UK colposcopy clinic, the adoption of ZedScan resulted in a significant increase in disease detection and improvements in clinical performance.

The patient case study revealed a 13% increase in detection of high-grade disease (HGCIN) across all patients, with a 50% increase reported in women with low-grade cytology. In 92% of these cases, disease was confirmed with a single biopsy.

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Zilico's product portfolio is centred on its patented Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) technology, applicable to a wide range of neoplastic conditions. The company prides itself on creating innovative technology that removes subjectivity, increases accuracy and delivers results in real-time. Zilico's head office is located in Manchester, UK with a subsidiary office in Sheffield. Manufacturing and R&D functions are also carried out in the UK and Zilico achieved ISO 13485 accreditation in 2013.

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