Professor John Tidy presents key HPV data at AOGIN 2017

Tuesday 17th October 2017

Zilico’s clinical founder Professor John Tidy will be speaking at this year’s AOGIN event, joined with the 2nd meeting of the Japan HPV Society, being held this week (18th-19th October) in Tokyo, Japan.

The key theme of AOGIN 2017 is Science, Prevention, Diagnosis and Therapy of HPV related cancer.

Professor Tidy, a consultant gynaecological oncologist at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, will present on the UK’s new primary HPV cervical screening protocol and how ZedScanTM, a diagnostic adjunct to colposcopy, is helping to better manage patients by detecting additional disease as well as returning women to routine surveillance.

In his presentation, Professor Tidy will highlight how the clinical team at Sheffield and other centres are using ZedScan to support the new cervical screening pathways. The new primary HPV screening is a positive step in the prevention of cervical cancer but managing the increased numbers of referrals to colposcopy will be challenging for hospitals.

The innovative device detects changes in cervical epithelial tissue using electrical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), providing a non-visual, semi-quantitative analysis to support patient management. The results are immediately available to support the clinician’s colposcopic impression.

“ZedScan has helped to better manage the increased cohort of high-risk HPV positive and cytology negative referrals through colposcopy, as a result of the new primary HPV screening pathway,” explains Professor Tidy.

Used as an adjunct to colposcopy, ZedScan detects more CIN2+ by recognising tissue abnormalities independent of aceto-white change and hr-HPV genotype. This increases the accuracy of the examination leading to improved patient management.

Since April 2013, the UK’s national cervical screening programme has been evaluating primary HPV screening with reflex cytology, at six pilot evaluation centres. In 2016, the UK government announced the new HPV testing pathway will be fully implemented in 2019.

As part of this evaluation, 405,526 women have been screened by primary hr-HPV testing and 945,457 screened by primary cytology.

Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is one of the 6 pilot evaluation centres and to date, 121,359 women have been screened by hr-HPV, and 165,825 women screened by cytology. Using ZedScan as part of their routine colposcopy examination, the hospital has been able to confidently release hr-HPV positive but cytology negative patients back to routine screening.

Professor Tidy’s presentation is the Sponsored Seminar 3 and will take place on October 19th at 16:20. The session will be chaired by Dr Jeffery Tan, Chair of the Australian Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology (ASCCP).

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