East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust Audit

Friday 6th May 2022

At the 2022 BSCCP annual meeting East Lancashire shared a snap shot of their audit using ZedScan in Practice. 

Introduction and Background

ZedScan offers an adjunct that helps exclude high grade disease, reduce biopsies and number of follow up visits. ZedScan was implemented fully in 2020 further to effective pilot in 2019 presented at BSCCP 2021.


This Retrospective data evaluation. Undertaken between 1/7/2021 -31/12/2021.

Audit population identified was N= 363. Full data set available for 313.


  • Colposcopy without ZedScan adjunct in our service would have missed 21 high-grade CIN(6.7%)
  • ZedScan diagnosed 6 CIN (10%) among 59 clinical indication referrals. (4 CIN1, 2 CIN2/3) which would have been missed. 53/59 (90%) were discharged after ZedScan +/- biopsy after 1st visit in vast majority and a small proportion of this at 2nd visit when they were recalled for treatment.
  • 73.5% of the overall cohort were discharged at first visit or +/- after treatment at second visit. MDT plans were made for 9.5% (30), follow up appointments in 16.5%. 139 of 313 (45%) discharged at first visit without a biopsy and a further 89(28.5%) after appropriate treatment of biopsy prove CIN due to adjunct enhancing colposcopist’s confidence in excluding high-grade disease.
  • Overall, the use of ZedScan as an adjunct technology implemented within our colposcopy service has enhanced the detection of high-grade disease, reduced and standardised overall biopsy rates to 48% (used to be up to 95% in some colposcopists in past with some at 35-40%) and consistency with reduction in pressures on Histopathology and follow ups.