Benefits of ZedScan highlighted at RCOG 2016

Wednesday 29th June 2016

The role of ZedScan on improving clinical performance and efficient patient management was highlighted at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) World Congress by Pierre Martin-Hirsch.

Discussing ‘What every colposcopist needs - my trusty colposcope or new technology?’ Dr Martin-Hirsch reviewed ZedScan along with other devices on the market, revealing that ‘ZedScan was the only system with relevant UK performance data to validate its claims’.

In reviewing current practice he outlined the performance challenges of colposcopy with missed disease and false positives due to subjectivity, variability and low specificity noting that ‘ZedScan was the only non-visual technology available.’

The presentation concluded that there is a need for an adjunctive technology to aid colposcopists with diagnosis and improve on performance.

Click here to read the latest ZedScan case study which revealed a 50% increase in detection in low grade referrals.


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