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We use the following cookies on this website

PHPSessID is written when a user logs in to enable secure access to admin and member areas of the site

user_view is written when you choose ZedScan, Clinician or Distributors section on the homepage so if you go into the site from there you can navigate back to the same section

_ga is used by Google Visitor tracking to identify new visitors

_gat is used by Google Visitor tracking to throttle the request rate ( preventing multiple visits from same computer being logged as new visits )

openPanes which sets content areas as open or closed

Changes to online privacy laws across the EU since May 2011 mean that visitors to websites will start to be asked for their consent for the use of ‘cookies’ on that website.

‘cookies’ are a small text file stored on your internet device (Computer, Phone or Tablet) and used by most websites in various ways, including enabling you to login, shop online, and generally personalise your online experience.

The new legislation was introduced to help you choose whether or not to allow each website you visit to use cookies when you visit them. All of the countries in the EU have similar laws, and all websites are required to gain your consent, although they may do this in different ways.

Cookies are not malware or spyware and are only used to help your browsing experience and provide data to the website owner.

By allowing cookies you will be able to undertake your normal browsing experience.