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Introducing the Next
Generation of Diagnostics


Zilico is developing the next generation of diagnostic devices that remove subjectivity, increase accuracy and deliver results in real-time.These characteristics allow for the improvement and extension of clinical screening programmes, globally.

Zilico's product portfolio is centred on its patented Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) technology which has applicability across a wide range of neoplastic conditions. 

Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy as a Diagnostic Tool

  • EIS is an objective scientifically-proven method to differentiate between normal, pre cancerous and cancerous tissues (neoplasias)
  • EIS exploits the different electrical resistivity of each specific tissue type based on its cellular structure 
  • EIS is appropriate for the diagnosis of various cancers and pre-cancerous conditions
  • Zilico's lead product ZedScan is utilised within the cervical cancer diagnostic pathway