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ZedScan featured in the Mail on Sunday's Health supplement.

Mail on Sunday – Jan 16, 2018

As a pilot site for primary HPV screening, Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust found that by using ZedScan™ as part of their routine colposcopy examination, clinicians were able to release high risk-HPV positive but cytology negative patients back to routine screening. 

Full Story : http://dailym.ai/2mxyeMN

Medica '16 Thriving

Med-Tech Innovation – Dec 14, 2016

The annual Medica exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany- adjacent to the much smaller Copamed show- typically attracts the cream of UK producers of medical and healthcare products.

A pioneering diagnostic system that is having a significant impact on the changing clinical pathway for cervical cancer was exhibited at Medica 2016 by Zilico Ltd.

Full Story : www.medtechinnovation/Medica_16

UK Cervical Cancer Diagnostic System Chosen for Pilot Study in India

MedLatest.com – Dec 13, 2016
Cervical Cancer diagnostic device specialist Zilico Ltd. has been selected by the IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, to be part of a unique program across India.
TechEmerge is the first programme of its kind that brings together proven technology companies such as Zilico, with leading healthcare providers in emerging markets.
Full Story : www.medlastest.com/Zilico_techemerge

UK cervical cancer diagnostic system to be piloted in India as part of TechEmerge's programme

Medical Device ASIA – Nov 30, 2016

Zilico Ltd- a developer of a pioneering cervical cancer diagnostic system- has been selected by the IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, to be part of a unique programme across India. (p6)

Full Story : www.medicaldeviceasia/zilico

Manchester on the Move: The UK's Industrial Engine Room is Fast Becoming a Life Science Power House

BioBusiness – Nov 23, 2016

Manchester, a city in the north of England, is a place that welcomes innovation. From the Museum of Science and Industry,  to its more than 20 libraries Manchester is a city as hungry for knowledge and progress now as it ever was.(pp8-12)

Full Story : www.biobusiness/manchester/Zilico

Over 250 participants took part in the XII th National Forum of health care professionals in Shumen

Topnovini Bulgaria – Nov 11, 2016

For the 12th time Grand hotel "Shumen" brought together health care professionals across the country.

National Forum this year is entitled "Continuous care - a condition for quality of life," and it involved over 250 participants, 37 of which presented their reports.

"The contribution of nurses and midwives to provide continuous care in outpatient conditions" - prof. Sonia Tontcheva, MD - Director of Subsidiary Shumen to Varna MU, National Consultant in Health Care;

" Colposcopy and ZedScan spectroscopy in the diagnosis of precancerous cervical "- Prof. Dr. Yavor Kornovski, MD - Head of the Department of Health Care to Shumen branch of MU-Varna;

"Maxillofacial Surgery in Bulgaria - known and unknown" - Prof. Dr. Tsvetan Tonchev, MD, Ph.D. - Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine at MU Varna.

Full Story : www.topnovini/shumen/colpsocopy.bg

Manchester company showcases pioneering diagnostic system on world healthcare stage

Medipex.co.uk – Nov 3, 2016

A pioneering diagnostic system that is having a significant impact on the changing clinical pathway for cervical cancer will be on display at MEDICA 2016 – the largest healthcare exhibition in the world - by Manchester based Zilico Ltd.

Full Story : www.medipex.co.uk/zilico

Pioneering diagnostic system to be showcased at MEDICA 2016

Building Better Healthcare – Nov 3, 2016

ZedScan will have a significant impact on the clinical pathway for cervical cancer
A pioneering diagnostic system that is having a significant impact on the changing clinical pathway for cervical cancer will be exhibited by Zilico in Hall 16, Stand F18-5 at MEDICA 2016, which takes place from 14–17 November in Duesseldorf.

Full Story : building better healthcare.co.uk/zilico

Cervical Cancer Diagnostic System at MEDICA 2016

MedLatest.com – Nov 2, 2016

A frequent visitor to our pages, UK device company  Zilico Ltd., is showcasing its pioneering cervical cancer diagnostic technology at this year’s Medica 2016.

Full Story : www.medlatest.com/zilico

Cervical cancer: New scanners help fight against disease in the Midlands

Midlands Express and Star – Sep 28, 2016

The University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust has adopted the diagnostic system, called ZedScan, at the gynaecology departments at both the Royal Stoke University Hospital and the County Hospital.

Full Story : www.expressandstar.com

HSJ awards 2016 shortlist revealed

Health Services Journal – Sep 28, 2016

The shortlisted organisations will now complete presentations and interviews to a specific judging panel made up of senior and influential figures from the health sector. The winners will be announced at a prestigious ceremony on 23 November at the InterContinental O2, London.

Full Story : www.hsj.co.uk/2016awards

Zilico Shortlisted for Prestigious Healthcare Award

Business Daily – Sep 28, 2016

Manchester based Zilico has been shortlisted in the ‘Improving Care with Technology’ category at the 2016 Health Service Journal (HSJ) Awards, to be held on 23 November at Intercontinental O2, London

Full Story : www.bdaily.co.uk/Zilico

Manchester firm's pioneering technology for cervical cancer diagnosis

The BusinessDesk.com – Sep 27, 2016

PIONEERING technology created by a Manchester company is now being used in two hospitals in Staffordshire to improve the speed and accuracy in diagnosing pre-cancerous conditions of the cervix.

Full Story : www.thebusinessdesk.com/pioneering_technology

Pioneering Technology Created By Manchester Company Used In Staffordshire To Offer More Accurate Cervical Cancer Diagnosis

InvestInManchester.com – Sep 27, 2016

Pioneering technology created by a Manchester company is now being used in two hospitals in Staffordshire to improve the speed and accuracy in diagnosing pre-cancerous conditions of the cervix.

Full Story : www.investinmanchester.com/zilico

Real Time Smear Test Offering More Accurate Cervical Cancer Diagnosis in UK Hospitals

MedLatest.com – Sep 27, 2016

ZedScan Portable Cervical Smear System adopted in two more UK hospitals

Full Story : www.medlatest.com/zedscan

Staffordshire Hospitals offer more accurate cervical cancer diagnosis

Building Better Healthcare – Sep 27, 2016

The University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust have adopted an innovative cervical cancer diagnostic system called ZedScan at the gynaecology departments at both the Royal Stoke University Hospital and County Hospital Stafford. Its aim is to offer a more accurate diagnosis for women who are at risk of cervical cancer.

Full Story : www.bbh/ZedScan_adoption_Staffs

Women could get faster cervical cancer diagnosis at Stafford's County Hospital

Staffordshire Newsletter – Sep 27, 2016

Women could get faster and more accurate diagnoses of pre-cancerous conditions of the cervix now Stafford's County Hospital has introduced a pioneering new technology.

ZedScan is a portable, handheld device which can measure and detect tissue changes in women identified with an abnormal smear test.

Full Story : www.stafforshirenewsletter.co.uk/new technology

ZedScan delivers high rates of HG CIN detection in hrHPV positive women

News Medical – Apr 13, 2016

A review into the management of more than 800 women referred to an NHS colposcopy clinic who were positive for high risk HPV (hrHPV) has revealed a substantial increase in detection of high grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (HG CIN) following the adoption of ZedScan into routine use.

Full Story : www.news-medical.net/ZedScan

A Long Adoption Trail

The Times: SuperNorth Supplement – Mar 17, 2016

Zilico features in the SuperNorth Supplement of The Times discussing the support provided by the Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) to assist northern-based SMEs operating in the Life Sciences sector. (see page 7 of 12)

Full Story : www.TheTimes.co.uk/SuperNorth

Conquering the Challenges of Colposcopy

The Pathologist – Feb 29, 2016

A device that uses electrical impedance spectra to characterize abnormal cervical tissue may improve on the subjective nature of colposcopy and reduce the rate of cervical biopsy.

Full Story : www.thepathologist.com

1000 patient case study published for ZedScan

Building Better Helthcare – Jan 26, 2016

Zilico has published a 1,000-patient case study for its cervical cancer diagnostic system, ZedScan, to coincide with the start of Cervical Cancer Prevention Week this week.

The patient review into the routine use of ZedScan as an adjunct to colposcopy has revealed that the technology significantly increases the rate of detection of high-grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (HG CIN).

Full Story : http://www.buildingbetterhealthcare.co.uk

UK company touts study of its cancer diagnostic

Fierce Medical Devices – Jan 26, 2016

U.K. company Zilico has published a case study of its diagnostic for high-grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, dubbed ZedScan. Use of the technology improved the detection rate of the cancer by 12.4%, the company says. It uses electrical impedance spectroscopy to differentiate between normal, precancerous and cancerous tissues.

Full Story : www.fiercemedicaldevices.com

Zilico bolsters team with new commercial director

Manchester Evening News – Jan 14, 2016

Andrew Saipe, who has 25 years’ experience in medical sales, joins Zilico from Purple Surgical, where he looked after many of the International markets for eight years.

Full Story : Manchester Evening News

NICE publishes Medtech Innovation Briefing on ZedScan

Building Better Healthcare – Feb 26, 2015

NICE has developed a Medtech Innovation Briefing outlining the benefits of using Zilico’s cervical cancer diagnostic system, ZedScan. These include lower biopsy rates, a reduction in overtreatment and adverse events, and a cost saving from the reduction in follow-up appointments

Full Story : www.buildingbetterhealthcare/ZedScan

NICE publishes Medtech Innovation Briefing on ZedScan

News Medical – Feb 24, 2015

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has developed a Medtech Innovation Briefing (MIB) on Zilico Ltd’s cervical cancer diagnostic system, ZedScan.

NICE first developed the briefings in 2013 to help boost and speed-up the uptake of innovative and promising technologies which have the potential to improve patient health and increase NHS productivity.

Full Story : www.news-medical.net

ZedScan featured on BBC

BBC Look North – Oct 31, 2014

BBC Business and Money Correspondent, Danni Hewson, interviews Prof. John Tidy from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust (STH) along with a patient who underwent a ZedScan examination, after referral to coloposcopy following  an abnormal smear test. 

Sameer Kothari, Zilico's Chief Executive also discusses how ZedScan can have a global impact on patient care.

Full Story : https:// BBCnews/ZedScan

Sheffield leads the way for cervical cancer diagnosis

The Star, Sheffield – Oct 22, 2014

Patients at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals are to benefit from the introduction of a pioneering new system that improves the detection of precancerous abnormalities of the cervix.

The trust has become the first in the country to introduce the Zedscan device, which can measure and detect tissue changes in women identified with an abnormal smear test.

Full Story : http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/health

High-tech device

Yorkshire Post – Oct 21, 2014

Women in Yorkshire will be the first in the country to benefit from a pioneering approach devised by experts in the region to improve the detection of the early signs of a common cancer.

Hospital staff in Sheffield have successfully tested a device which can measure and detect tissue changes in women with an abnormal smear test.

It offers more accurate detection of pre-cancerous abnormalities of the cervix than standard examinations, allowing doctors to make better informed decisions on a patient’s first visit.

Experts say it means appropriate treatment can be started quickly, or patients can be swiftly reassured if analysis shows nothing of concern. It also reduces unnecessary tissue biopsies.

Full Story : http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/

First NHS trust to adopt ZedScan as part of cervical cancer care pathway

News-Medical.net – Oct 17, 2014

DP Medical Ltd has secured a deal with Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (STHFT) to become the first NHS Trust in the country to adopt ZedScan™ as part of its cervical cancer care pathway.

The ground-breaking system, which includes its patented Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy technology, offers quicker and more accurate detection of cervical neoplasia delivering results in real-time, enabling clinicians to improve patient management.

Full Story : http://www.news-medical.net/

Relocating a small business: the pros, cons and necessary preparations

The Guardian – Mar 21, 2014

Manchester has also been a destination for some relocating companies, including medical sciences business Zilico which moved across the Pennines from Sheffield in late 2012.

At the time the company had just finished a multi-centre trial, was looking for a bigger hub and wanted to be based closer to an international airport, said Zilico's chief executive Sameer Kothari.

The move to Manchester Science Park helped Zilico access private equity finance and support from north-west-based NHS trusts. "I can't say it was specifically because we were based in Manchester, but it did help," says Kothari.

Full Story : www.theguardian.com

Real-time cervical cancer diagnostics: An interview with Sameer Kothari, Chief Executive of Zilico

News-Medical.net – Mar 19, 2014

Sameer Kothari outlines the current limitations of the diagnostic process for cervical cancer and discusses how the development of ZedScan, Zilico's cervical cancer diagnostic system, will improve diagnostic accuracy.

Full Story : www.news-medical.net

Doctor, our start-ups need a cash injection

The Sunday Times – Mar 2, 2014

Medical tech companies need constant care if they are to survive and grow

Bruce Hellman swiped his finger over his iPad screen. “This is how patients are reminded to take their medication,” he said, “and they can choose a brain training exercise.”

Full Story : The Sunday Times

Zilico receives EC Certification for ZedScan

Clinical Services Journal – Feb 6, 2014

ZILICO has received EC certification from its Notified Body for the ZedScan cervical cancer diagnostics device, which is said to offer faster and more accurate detection of cervical neoplasia in real-time, enabling clinicians to improve patient management.

The ZedScan system is used alongside colposcopy on women identified with an abnormal smear result. It can offer clinical benefits by identifying the optimum biopsy site, reducing the number of cervical biopsies required while also facilitating a wider use of ‘select & treat’.

The system, which is both safe and painless, consists of a portable hand-held device and docking station, software application and a single-use EIS sensor. Five clinical trials in the UK and EU have supported the clinical efficacy of ZedScan, including a pivotal European trial of 429 women in 2011 across three hospitals in the UK and Ireland.

Full Story : www.clinical services journal.com

Zilico Ltd cervical cancer diagnostics tool

Hospital Healthcare – Nov 12, 2012

Zilico Ltd will present its pioneering cervical cancer diagnostics tool at Medica 2012 - the world’s premier healthcare exhibition.

Full Story : http://www.hospitalhealthcare.com
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